How To Find US


Take the slip road off the A38 towards Plymouth City Centre and the Continental Ferry Port.  You will see a large Sainsbury's on your left and the Marsh Mills roundabout ahead.

At the Marsh Mills Roundabout take the first exit on your left and head towards the City Centre (A374).  When able, get into and stay in the middle lane.  Watch out for the Speed Camera's, Speed limit 40mph.  Carry along the Embankment road keeping the water on your left.  The road will narrow into two lanes,  get into the left hand lane.  The road will fork off to the left (Gadynia Way) and pass under a railway bridge, at this stage the road is single lane.  The road will bend around to the right and will eventually become two lanes with traffic merging from the left.  As soon as you are able get into the left hand lane.  The road will pass under two small metal bridges, stay in lane and follow the road around to the right.  At the top of a small incline you will come to another roundabout (Cattedown).


At the Cattedown roundabout take the first exit left and stay in the left hand lane.  Watch out for the speed cameras, Speed limit 30mph.  You will pass through two sets of traffic lights, look out for and take the fork off to the left, sign posted the Barbican.  Follow the road along through one set of traffic lights to a small roundabout.


At the roundabout turn left and follow the road (Vauxhall Street) you will pass one set of traffic lights and the road will bend sharply to the right.  You are now in Notte Street.  Follow the road along passing through five sets of traffic lights.  Look out for the sign post to the Continental Ferry Port and the Pavillions, follow the directions and turn off to the left.


Carry along the road passing the Continental Hotel on your right and the Mount Pleasant Pub on your left.  Cross over the pedestrian crossing to the small roundabout ahead.


At the roundabout turn left and immediately right onto West Hoe Road.  You will pass a pub called "Sippers" on your right as the road bends around to the left.  Follow the road along passing several small shops on your left and directly ahead of you, you will see a grey building with large signs saying "Mayflower College".  Pass the Mayflower College on your right and find somewhere to park.  The Moorings Guest House is directly behind the College in Garden Crescent.


Congratulations and welcome you finally made it !!!

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